Following the successful completion of the Zero Emission Maritime Buyers Alliance’s (ZEMBA) inaugural request for proposal (RfP) process, ZEMBA in association with the Lloyd’s Register Maritime Decarbonisation Hub is excited to invite actors from across the maritime value chain to participate in a request for information (RfI) process to inform our next tender – scheduled to launch in late 2024. As part of the RfI, two surveys – one targeted at fuel suppliers, one for ship operators – are live as of May 30th and will be open through June 21st.

To access the fuel supplier survey, please use this link. For the ship operator survey, use this link. All stakeholders investing in these zero-emission fuels and technologies are invited to respond. Please note that you might be required to sign into a Google account to complete this survey. If you have any issues with access, do not hesitate to reach out to the ZEMBA or LR teams. If you are more comfortable answering either of the surveys in your preferred language, we welcome you to do so.

Through this RfI, ZEMBA is seeking information on the development of the zero emission fuels and technologies – particularly e-fuels produced with clean energy that can serve the maritime sector. Specific insights of interest include the planned and potential production, availability, and deployment schedule of e-fuels in the maritime sector in the next 3-5 years. By better understanding what e-fuel services and zero-emission technologies could be deployed over this period, ZEMBA can focus on catalyzing these long-term fuel and technology solutions through its upcoming second tender.

Fuel and technology producers – provide us with insight into your perceived demand for zero-emission fuels and technologies from the maritime sector, what is needed to get your projects to FID, and what types and quantities of fuel that could be available for offtake with sufficient demand and project investment. Carriers and operators – what ZE fuels and technologies, particularly e-fuels, would you be interested in deploying commercially if there were sufficient demand and cost sharing? Let ZEMBA know how aggregated end customer demand could help bring your projects over the finish line.

Building on the success of its first RfP, ZEMBA is looking forward to using the learnings from this RfI process to shape its next RfP to catalyze deployment of long-term, scalable zero-emission fuels and technologies in the maritime sector. To stay up to date with ZEMBA and the upcoming RfP process, please follow us on ZEMBA’s new LinkedIn page.

Please reach out to Dr. Charlie McKinlay ( at the Lloyds Register Maritime Decarbonisation Hub with any questions about the RfI Survey. For general questions about the ZEMBA RfI process please reach out to my colleague Annabella Ronca (