In a press release, Los Angeles and Shanghai have announced a partnership of cities, ports, and maritime stakeholders to create a first-of-its-kind green shipping corridor on one of the world’s busiest container shipping routes.

Convened by C40 Cities and the ports of Shanghai and Los Angeles, and including key maritime stakeholders, this partnership has agreed to work on an initiative to establish a Green Shipping Corridor to decarbonize goods movement between the largest ports in the United States and China. The partnership intends to work together to achieve these goals by developing a “Green Shipping Corridor Implementation Plan” by the end of calendar year 2022 that will include deliverables, milestones, and roles for the partnership.

The Aspen Institute Shipping Decarbonization Initiative, facilitators of coZEV, will be a participating partner in the creation of the Los Angeles - Shanghai green shipping corridor. Through coZEV, the Aspen Institute will offer multinational companies that rely on maritime shipping with new opportunities to engage in the development and implementation of green shipping corridors, including this exciting new Shanghai - Los Angeles initiative.

Read the press release on c40's website here.